about us

With 30 years on aluminum die casting, machining, inspection and quality control on general industry. We starts to have an innovation way to scroll pump application. The core business : OEM, ODM scroll pump engine Capacity : 20,000 pc / month

why us
  • A precise mathematic calulation of scroll :Since the mathmatic data points decide the quality of scroll, therefore we developed a precise way to calculate the formule.

  • Molding :To get a better quality of scroll, we developed a special coating on the molding to improve the quality of scroll.

  • Die casting :A better die casting ways has been developed to meet the requirement of high quality.

  • Material :We selected a better aluminum material to make scroll.

  • Inspection and testing :We develops a very efficiency way to test and qualify the parts.


Application for the scroll pump engine.

  • Aviation
  • Fuel Cell systems
  • Automotive
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • CNC Machines
  • Air Compressors
  • cryogenics
  • Laboratory and Clean Room
  • medical
  • Vacuum and Ventilation
  • Food industry

We welcome and cooperate, OEM, ODM and dealer over the world.


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